The story of how gentiles saved jews in the holocaust


This book talks about all of the non jewish men and women who sacrificed their lives to save Jewish people that they didn't even know. It tells all they had to give up to keep them all safe. They couldn't get too much food or it would be suspicious and caring a lot of papers is too just because it could be fake papers for Jews.



This book takes place takes place all over Europe because that's were the Nazis had all their camps and were looking for Jews. Some of the main places insist of Mr. Schindler's factory, the ghettos, and camps.


Man vs Self - whether to help the Jews or not because the knew what would happen to them

Man vs Man - the jews and some non jews against the Nazis

Man vs Society - the non jews who saved jews had to go against all Nazis

Man vs Nature - the jews had to go against all the harsh weather through out the war even when in hiding.

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