Romanian Revolution 1989

Alek Lambros

Background Info

Thousands of people in the city of Timişoara protest for standard living and by standard living they did not have a lot of food and energy but after the revolution they regained there food and energy.

Government security forces responded to the protests by firing on the people and killing hundreds.

They started protesting because the government was controlling them and they had only a little freedom. They also did not have a standard living.

this took place in 1989 and it was in a few places like Timişoara and Buchares.

Info About The Protest

At first the people protested in a peaceful way just shouted and with signs.

But when the police and Government security forces started killing the protesters the protesters got mad.

The protesters changed there protesting ways and they got very violent and was destroying the area and even killing police.

So at this point it was a full war zone.

killing and making mayhem got their point across.

this took place in 1989 and it was in a few places like Timişoara and Buchares.

Effects Of The Protest

The result of the protest was that the civilians got their freedom and the revolution forced Ceausescu’s stop dictating.

The reason this was the result was because the protesters really caused mayhem and it was enough to stop dictatorship and more freedom.

The way they got rid of dictatorship is by capturing the dictator and having the army kill him.

Assessment Question

Political freedom was not allowed in Romania during the communist regime neither was freedom for press or speech.

So what they did was kill the dictator and they created there own laws to have freedom of speech and press so they could say what they think of dictatorship.

Their belief system was that they wanted freedom of speech because say if someone tells you to do something that can risk your life, therefore you cant say no I dont want to do that because i might die but since there is no freedom of speech you are forced to do that task and that goes with anything that you might feel uncomfortable with.

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Revolutia Romaneasca 1989