Christmas at the Barn

My extra-curricular community­čÉ┤

A Barn Christmas

Sometimes during the holidays me, my grandma, and my mom all go to the barn where we ride horses. My trainer, Teresa hosts a little day where we all do out there, have a potluck, ride horses, and make stockings for them. Some of us would go outside and play with the horses that were still in their paddocks. One time when I was out there and I went this HUGE horses paddock. His name is Beau. I would throw bits of snow and he would go and chase them, and whenever I would bend down to tie my shoes he would put his head under me and make me stand up!

Last year during the Christmas time me and my mom went out to the barn and put decorations on my horses stall. His name is Chief Davis.

Christmas at the Barn

Why I like my community

The barn is important to me because I spend a lot of time there, and I've grown quite close to my trainer, and my friends there. I think others would like there too (if they don't mind getting dirty that is!) because it's just a place that I feel comfortable in, and all the people here are friendly. The difference of this community from other community's is that everybody's nice and friendly even in competitive times like shows. I like this about my community.