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January 5, 2022

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The Power of an Ending and a Beginning - Rev. Mary Gear

Happy New Year!

Because I will be away for the beginning of the new year, I am writing this just a few days before Christmas. I’m having a hard time believing that the new year is almost here. Looking back, it’s been another year when time seems weird and the happenings of the world even more so. What does looking back on the year of 2022 bring to you?

I am also looking forward to a new year. I hope it will be a year of deeper and wider connection in our community and beyond. I hope it will be a year of making meaning from the events in our world and our lives. I hope it will be a year of bearing witness to our lives and the world.

As you begin this new year, what do you hope for?

Our spiritual theme for January is “power.” What power do you experience in an ending and in a beginning?

As I held in my awareness the end of this year and the beginning of the next, I found this poem by Rebecca Parker. I am ever grateful for the gifts that appear when I least expect them.

May your year be filled with many unexpected gifts.

Blessings on your week.

Rev. Mary

In the Midst of a World by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

"In the Midst of a World" by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

In the midst of a world
marked by tragedy and beauty
there must be those
who bear witness
against unnecessary destruction
and who, with faith,
rise and lead
in freedom,
with grace and power.

There must be those who
speak honestly
and do not avoid seeing
what must be seen
of sorrow and outrage,
or tenderness,
and wonder.

There must be those whose
grief ­troubles the water
while their voices sing
and speak
refreshed worlds.

There must be those
whose exuberance
rises with lovely energy
that articulates
earth’s joys.

There must be those who
are restless for
respectful and loving
companionship among human beings,
whose presence invites ­people
to be themselves without fear.

There must be those
who gather with the congregation
of remembrance and compassion
draw water from
old wells,
and walk the ­simple path
of love for neighbor.

There must be communities of ­people
who seek to do justice
love kindness and walk humbly with God,
who call on the strength of
to heal,
and bless life.

There must be
religious witness.


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