The History and Usage of Canals

Made By: Mykenzie Todd

History of the Canal

One of the earliest canals was built by king Menes In Egypt around 4,000 BC. Europe's first Summit level canal was opened in 1398 to link Lu beck with River Elbe.

Canals are used to Connect different areas together, or make travel easier.

How was the inventing of canals Helpful?

The inventing of canals was helpful because it made travel a lot easier, and the shipping of products to different areas a lot easier. The making of canals were a big part of the American Revolution, because people didn't have to travel long distances or wait a long time for products to ship anymore.

Quotes About The Erie Canal

This is what we saw in his first start in Erie. This is what he's capable of.

~ Mark Brewer

"We support the idea, it's an extension of the area, and it's important for uptown and the transit riders." - Chris weiller