Career Management Rubric 5

Employable Skills

Decision Making Process

Decisions, decision, decisions.......

What class will you take?

What will you do on summer break?

What school will you go to?

Where will you work?

There are so many decisions we make in life. On your website you will provide decisions you will make or have made regarding your life.

Planning and Decision Making for Students

Job Application Notes

What information can be found on a job application?

What do you need to provide on the job application?

Can you apply for jobs on-line?

There are some of the questions you will answer in you job application notes in Rubric 5.

Completing a Job Application

Resume Sample

You should have a resume in your Google Drive from earlier in the semester. Upload your resume to your website.

Cover Letter Sample

Provide a sample of a cover letter.

Interview Questions

Research interview questions. Find 3 questions to answer as if you were being interviewed.

Am I an Entrepreneur

Are you a designer?

Do you create?

Think of your hobbies and how they can be turned into a job!

How to Manage Your Time Better
Do You Have Transferable Skills?

Societal Needs And Economic Conditions that affect Career Plans