Multimedia Resource

Glenbow Museum

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta

The websites' main focus is for students to learn about the history of Alberta through the people, pictures and stories of the past. Students will be able to identify and explore Artifacts and maps that help tell Alberta’s story. The Program of Studies mentions that students need to "thrive in their evolving identity with a legitimate sense of belonging to their communities, Canada and the world". I particularly used this resource as it will allow students to understand and appreciate their province and land they live on today.

The website is an interactive tool for students as they see the stories and photographs of people from the past. It also has great Teacher Resources and ready-to-use project plans and classroom ideas to fit the needs of students. The activities are all based on an Inquiry approach and has a guide on how to use these resources. The website also has a page for Student Resources in which it suggests other web links that will give them more information about a particular content as well as Knowledge Hunt questions that allow them to activate their prior knowledge.

Overall, I thought that this interactive website fit well within the framework of Identity but did not allow students to learn about any other provinces besides Alberta. Hence, I would rate it as "limited" because of its content.

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