welcome to kentucky

By : Mikayla & Andrea

fun facts

  • Kentucky was the birth place of Abraham lincoln.
  • Kentucky is also the birth place of Loretta lynn.
  • Birth place of bluegrass music, Bill monroe.
  • Birth place of Jefferson davis.

rivers & national parks

  • Mississippi river
  • Big sandy river
  • Tug fort
  • Floyds fork
  • National park
  • National recreation area
  • National forest

bordering states

  • West virginia
  • virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • There are no oceans in kentucky


There are many activities you can do in kentucky some of them are dangerous.The activities are paddle down the niagara falls,look at the history musame,go house back ridding,go thought lost river cave on a boat,you can also go zip lining and rock climbing.

Tourist attractions

The tourist have many interesting attractions.Some of them are going to cumberland falls,natinal historic park,natinal recreation area,lost river cave,mamoth cave,and go thought louisvill zoo.

state information

  1. capital-Frankfort
  2. nicknome-bluegrass state
  3. song-my old kentucky home
  4. flower-goldenrod
  5. tree-tulip tree
  6. bird-kentucky cardinal