Science Circuit

Because Science Matters: October 2015

Completing the Circuit

Welcome to the monthly LISD Science Curriculum Newsletter for Instructional Coaches! We hope to use this newsletter to provide you with science updates and information on a regular basis. Please let us know what your needs are and how we can continue to improve our communication!


What's New?

Curriculum Support

  • The module TEs kept in each library are great resources for teachers. NEW module TEs were delivered to campuses at the beginning of October.
  • As a follow-up to our campus safety visits we created a Science Lab Safety Information document. This and other science safety information can be found on the Elementary Science Website. Check it out!

Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Trainings

  • First Grade - My Community: From Here to There at Whitestone on October 19th from 7:15-11:00
  • Second Grade - Journey to a New Land at Whitestone on October 19th from 12:00-4:00
  • Third Grade - Our Place in Space at Whitestone on October 21st from 7:15-11:00
  • Fourth Grade - Making Connections at Whitestone on October 21st from 12:00-4:00
  • Fifth Grade - Energy and Engineering at Pleasant Hill on October 30th from 7:15-11:00
  • Kindergarten - Move It at Block House Creek on November 4th from 7:15-11:00

Register for trainings in Eduphoria. Please let us know your campus needs.

Things to Remember

Science Module Pick-Up and Delivery

  • New modules will be delivered no later than October 26th.
  • All science modules will be picked up the week of January 4th. We recommend teachers pack up modules BEFORE the Winter Break. For specifics check your Campus Module Rotation.

Science Assessments

Use the data from the science assessments to focus instruction during the "tweener" time. Fifth grade may find the STAAR Connections a great resource for this time. This is a great time for students to engage in inquiry, PBL, and STEM investigations.

Assessment Headlines

Third Grade: The assessment window opens December 2nd and closes January 8th.

Fourth and Fifth Grade: The assessment window opens December 14th and closes January 8th.


This is a great time to develop a campus soil plan to answer questions like the following:

  • Who needs to organize the bags of soil?
  • What do we do with the open bags of soil?
  • Where do we store the extra soil?
  • When do you get rid of buggy soil?
  • Why does soil develop or attract bugs?

Critter News

Due to the winter holiday, critters need to be returned before December 16th. Follow the return guidelines found on the curriculum site.

  • Complete a Critter Return Request form at least one week before the end of instruction of the module.
  • The link to the form can be found on the curriculum website for each grade level in the box for that unit of study. This form will notify the Science Materials Center to send out a return cooler and ice packs.
  • Remember not to release any critters or send them home with students.

Important Critter Reminders:

  • All critters will be delivered on Wednesdays. Teachers should look on the curriculum website for the link to the critter order form to see the specific dates and which critters are coming.
  • Please be sure to let the office know when to expect critters so that they don't sit in the boxes for days!
  • 5th grade teachers instructing Environments: Pillbugs and elodea will arrive in the same shipment. Teachers need to rinse the elodea with tap water and place in a basin with water.