My 2015 company opinion

Macey Dunn

Three of the best companies of 2015:

A big company that was trending during 2015 was Uggs. Uggs are comfortable, cute, and there are many styles and colors to pick from.

Another company that trended and became more successful 2015 was Star wars. Star wars has always been a popular movie series but got even better when a new movie came out in 2015.

One other company that trended during 2015 was Timberlands. They are shoes for girls or guys and they are comfortable and good for any weather.

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Two of the best and worst products in 2015.

A really good product that became very popular is the apple watch.

Another one is acrylics.

A not so good product in 2015 was the coffee lays chip.

Another one was New coke.

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Best movies of 2015

Star wars was an amazing movie in 2015. It didn't need to market much because everyone knew how the other movies were and loved them.

Another great movie of 2015 was hunger games, the last one. It was marketed a lot by there trailers and there trailers were always amazing.

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Top two musical artists of 2015

Justin Bieber became very popular in 2015. Some ways he got people interested was modeling for Calvin Klein, it got peoples attention.

Another person who became very popular was The Weeknd. He marketed his music by getting other famous people to talk about him and his music.

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Top 5 list.

My top 5 list: Best Tv shows.

1. Odd mom out

2. Empire

3. The leftovers

4.I am Cait, E!

5. Mad men

(found from time magazine)

One goal of mine for 2016.

For personal improvement my goal is to love who I am more and not care about how others see me but how I see myself.

For family and friends my goal is to spend more time with my sister Riley before she leaves for collage.

For my school goal I hope to hold an A or B level grade for all my classes.