Tuesday Teacher Tips

Title Talk

How many new to Collins students are in your class? How many of them are new to America? If you have a large number of the latter, you may want to share A Piece of Home by Jeri Watts with your class. Hee Jun and his family have just moved to West Virginia from Korea. Hee Jun notices right away that he looks differently, speaks differently, and understands differently than his new classmates. He works hard to learn English and make friends. One day, while spending time at a new friends house, he discovers a flower in their yard that his grandmother grew in their garden in Korea. He brings a shoot to her and they plant "a piece of home" in their new yard. What a very sweet story.

Kate DiCamillo is a rock star children's author. Her latest book, Raymie Nightingale, was shortlisted for the National Book Award last year and received a lot of Newbery buzz. (If you are new to our school, you will soon learn--Youth Media Awards Day is like my Christmas and I anticipate it ALL. YEAR. LONG). Ten-year-old Raymie is determined to win the title of Little Miss Central Florida Tire. During preparations for the pageant, she takes baton twirling lessons and forms an unlikely friendship with two other competitors. The group calls themselves the "three rancheros" and works together to make sense of their difficult circumstances.

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Sharing our school story is very important to me. If you are a fellow tweep, shoot me your handle and I will follow you, then retweet your info like crazy. We have established a few hashtags for our school and I'm hoping you'll use them, too.

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