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Fantastic Place!

In this beautiful place arre located Trelew, Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes. These places are very peaceful and they have very few inhabitants.

Puerto Madryn has more than 30 km of beaches with clear crystal water and white cliffs. It's the most important natural diving center.

Exciting activities

  • In peninsula you can make a whale watching and also yuo can observe whales, sea elephants, sea wholves, and some others animals like this ones.
  • In Punta Delgada is located a ligthhouse "El faro de Punta Delgada" which is continuoe working.
  • In Puerto Madryn we can do activities such as snorkell, jet surfing, whales watching, etc.


Thursday, Oct. 16th, 7:15-11:30pm

Chubut, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Esquel, CH

You are going to get out from the airport Jorge Newbery this day! A fantastic option!