Is Reality

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So you think it's a myth, eh?

  1. Ha! I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong! It took us:

  • thousands of years to reach 1 billion
  • 123 years to reach 2 billion
  • 47 years to reach 4 billion
  • 2012 the population is 7 billion
With rates like these, you guys can just jump off those high horses of yours.

2.We're in a time of crises:

  • losing precious clean drinking water resources
  • global warming is affecting how things grow
  • chemical radiation that people are dumping is gonna come back to haunt us through our food and water sources.
There certainly won't be enough for the growing population.

3.What about the scientists that are trying to find a planet on which life can grow?

Think, think really hard.

  • They could be exploring other things and yet they're trying to find a planet capable of sustaining life. Why do suppose this is?

Sorry, but you have to face the facts, overpopulation is real, and its coming fast... so please tell me how overpopulation is a myth?

What's your opinion now?