A World of Democracy

explaining democracy

What is Democracy?

Democracy is a form of government run by the citizens of the country. The citizens vote and elect leaders. Many countries today use this form of government.

Where Did Democracy Come From?

Democracy originates from Athens Greece. Back then only men who were not slaves could vote. As you can see it is very different to todays form democracy.

History of Democracy in Australia

In the 19th and 20th in Australia a group of women were protesting for equal rights for voting and also work and pay. They succeeded and that is why all genders can vote.

In 1972 Neville Bonner became Australia's first aboriginal member of parliament. This was the start of aboriginal acceptance and also a long line of indegenous politicians.

Types Of Democracy

Democratic Monarchy: This form of democracy means that the country has King or Queen but also has primem minister that runs the parliament e.g England

Parliamentary Democracy: This means people vote for partys and the leader of that party becomes prime minister e.g Australia

Democratic Republic: A democratic republic is a democracy represented by a president. This is because republics are not part of a commonwealth e.g United States of America


Over 50% of the worlds countries are democracies. But there are only 20 or so countries that are considered full democracies with many countries preventing some adults to vote.