By: Laura Kate Wilson

During Pregnancy- First Trimester Nutritional Needs

A persons diet during a pregnancy affects the baby and the mother. The food that the mom eats affects the baby, and if the mother is not getting enough nutrition then the baby will take it from the mothers tissues; which can cause the mother to suffer deficiencies. Folate is a key nutritional need during the first trimester. Folate helps prevent the fetus from damage to the brain and spinal cord. Protein, calcium, and iron are especially important during pregnancy. Protein is needed to support the growth of the fetus. Calcium is needed for well-formed bones and strong teeth. Iron are especially needed during the last six months because the baby builds them up for birth.

How many calories a day should I eat while I am pregnant?

When you are pregnant you should eat about 2200 calories per day when you are pregnant. If you're doctor says that you are underweight you should eat at least about 2400 calories per day. If you start your pregnancy overweight you should probably eat about 2000 calories per day.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Sample Meals.

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Foods you should eat while you are pregnant.

Eggs- They are rich in choline and they promotes your baby's overall growth and brain health. Eggs also help prevent neural tube defects.

Salmon- High in protein, which is good for your baby's development; it may also help boost your mood.

Beans- Gives you fibers which you need to have to help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.

Sweet Potatoes- Rich in Vitamin C, folate, and fiber.