Mexico economic situation

Dana Reynoso

After the price of the oil went down and the debt due to the loans asked to invert in the oil industry, our country went through a strong economic crisis.

This made that our debt went from 23 thousand million dollars to 96 thousand million dollars. As a result our currency was devalued.

Another consequence of the crisis was that the prices went up in the world.

Then, the banks were property of the nation, business from our state were sold, agreements were signed to foreign investment and international trade.

One of the most important treaty was the TLC (free treaty commerce) signed with the United States and Canada.

Other consequences because of the economic crisis were that Mexico had a lack of employment, pollution, over exploitation of the natural resources, poverty and hunger.

People had a limited access to education, food, housing, health and well paid jobs.

Native and poor people has suffered from discrimination and some of them has been making groups to protest against all this abuse. M