December 2015 Science Newsletter

Content Review Ideas & Resources, Updates & Well Wishes

Content Review Ideas & Resources

Tis the season for review! With only 5 days of instruction in 2016 prior to exams, please give some of these ideas/resources a whirl! You won't regret it and the students would certainly enjoy the variety!

1) SMART Exchange Game Templates:

Lots of options---these can be implemented on your SMART Board!

2) Super Teacher Tools:

SMART Board or Chromebook compatible.

3) Review Game Zone:

SMART Board or Chromebook compatible.

4) Hands-on Review Game Ideas (Link):

Use whiteboards or some of that poster paper that I deliver.

5) Triples, Password, Koosh Ball, etc... These have been previously shared. Please let me know if you'd like me to send you the file templates & I'll be happy to pass along the info!

Good luck in your reviews & have fun with it!


1) Science Advisory Team: Selected individuals and alternates will be announced in January. I do want a representative from each school as well as a dependable person overall.

FYI--I plan on continuing this endeavor beyond this school year in order to foster relationships, maintain consistency and enact positive changes.

There has been a great deal of interest overall & it will be a difficult selection process.

2) Science Leisure Outing: Postponed until late winter/early spring. There's just not enough time right now prior to break.

I do look forward to trying this idea when time & weather more easily permit.

3) Start to 2nd Semester: Please let me know (especially 'newer' teachers) if you'd like me to meet with you pertaining to classroom management strategies, ideas for how to start off with lessons, etc... I've met with a few teachers about these premises recently & I believe that it has been very helpful.

There is no substitute for a positive beginning to a year or semester!

4) NCSTA Document: 14 UCPS high school Science teachers attended the conference in mid-November. We are in the process of compiling some of the best 'take aways' from the various sessions attended and passing that along to the collective group. The intent is to be spokespersons for positive change. I will share that info with everyone upon completion.

5) CEU's and Professional Development:

From time to time, I receive questions pertaining to the above. Below are the UCPS sponsored activities that I offer. Regarding anything that you attend not sponsored by UCPS, please keep your documentation for the event (for example, the recent GIS professional development) and I will work with you on the process in obtaining credit. The overall system has been changed this year and we are nearing a resolution of how it will all work.

Below is the full list of opportunities offered through your UCPS Science ICF for the current school year:

  • Curriculum Day (C & I Fair) :CATA/PDC:

8:00 am - 3:30 pm (0.6 CEU’s Total)

  • Half-Day PLC’s-during optional teacher workdays

(0.3 CEU’s each x 5 Meetings= 1.5 Total)

Wed, Sep. 23=8:30-11:30

Mon, Oct. 12=8:30-11:30

Tue, Jan. 19=8:30-11:30-CANCELLED

Mon, Feb. 15=8:30-11:30 (Weddington HS Media Center-BioNetwork Presentation!)

Mon, Apr. 25=8:30-11:30

  • Countywide Science PLC Meetings-selected Thursdays (4-6pm at the PDC) (0.2 CEU’s each x 7 Meetings=1.4 Total)








3.0 CEU's are still available, down from 3.5 possible at the start. This is due to the two cancellations listed. Thanks!

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Well Wishes

I wish you & yours a very happy holiday season!

Best wishes for 2016 & beyond as well!

Lots of good things going on in our colleagues' lives: engagements, marriages, pregnancies, new homes, etc...

There's a lot to be thankful for & I hope that you thoroughly enjoy this special time of year!


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