Presented By: Claire

What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is also the biggest planet. Jupiter is made of hydrogen and helium gases. Jupiter is completely made of gas.

What is Jupiter Shaped Like?

Even though it looks like it, no planet is round. Every planet is shaped like a oblate spheroid. An oblate spheroid is a slightly squished sphere. If you look at an oblate spheroid from above, it looks the same as a circle. If you're looking at it head on, it still looks like a circle because it's squished ever so slightly.

Does Jupiter have any moons or rings?

Jupiter has 63 moons, lo (eye-oh) being the biggest moon. Jupiter also has three thin rings.

What is the Tempurture on Jupiter?

On Jupiter it's -145 Celsius on average.

How Far Away is Jupiter from the Sun?

Jupiter is 5.2 AU (astronomical units) from the sun.