Cardinal Notes

information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 12, No. 11 *** January 22, 2016

Mid-year Exam Schedule

Mid-year exams began today at Joseph Case High School. The schedule has been reviewed in individual classes as well as in this week's advisories. Please note that for senior privilege, students may leave at 1:30, but need to be mindful of the five-period rule for participation in activities after school.

  • Monday, 1/25: 6-7-1-2-5-4-4 (no 3)
  • Tuesday, 1/26: late start-1-1-2-5-5
  • Wednesday, 1/27: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Late Start: Tuesday, January 26

Students will have a late start to school on Tuesday, January 26. They may report to school beginning at 9:45 a .m. for a 10 a.m. start to the day. If you take the bus, plan on being at your stop approximately two and one-half hours after your regular pick-up time.

Teachers will focus on PLC topics in determining 21CLE for children, followed by an interactive session on school safety.

School Threats

Local media outlets continue to report on a rash of school threats and bomb scares throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Although no threats have been made against Swansea and Joseph Case High School, these reports were a catalyst to review our local protocols that include partnerships between Swansea Public Schools and Swansea's police and fire departments.

With safety as a priority, we have in place procedures which allow us to respond appropriately to these situations. We remain ever diligent and committed to ensure your child's safety each day.

Reminder: student excused absences

Excused absence documentation should be submitted to the main office within five (5) school days of the student‘s return to school. Excused absence documentation NOT received in a timely manner must be submitted directly to the principal and accompanied by written rationale as to why routine deadlines were not met. In order for consideration to occur, this documentation must be received in the principal‘s office no later than the following dates in the 2015-2016 academic year:

  • Term 2 – January 29.
  • Term 3 – April 8 (seniors); April 15 (underclassmen).
  • Term 4 – five business days after the last official day of school.

Extraordinary circumstances beyond these dates will only be considered by a Faculty Committee.

Only the Principal of the high school may excuse a student from five full-period requirements in order to participate in an extracurricular event.

The following absences will be considered excused absences:

  • Absences that can be verified with a doctor‘s excuse
  • Medical excuses should be submitted to the office within five (5) school days of the student‘s return to school
  • Absences due to suspension
  • Bereavement of family members
  • School-sponsored field trips
  • Court appearances (verification by notice of summons or statement from court officer required)
  • Religious holidays
  • Pre-approved college visitation
  • Medical dismissals by the nurse are excused when the illness or injury occurs during the school day

See this year's Student Handbook for more detail on these policies.

Student Gmail accounts

Every student was issues a school Gmail address this week in advisories. Although each is linked to "," it is an authentic Gmail. If students were absent for advisory, they should see Ms. Simmons in the main office or their respective advisor for details on login and password.

Important Dates

Some upcoming dates:
  • January 25 - Term III begins
  • January 22-27 - Mid-Year Exams
  • January 26 - Late Start for students, 10 a.m.
  • January 29 - Term II Report Card issued electronically
  • February 3 - Early Release for Students, 12:37 p.m.