The Edmonton Eskimos

By: Kendal Seals

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: Nanook a big white bear

The Teams Nickname is: the Esks or the Eskies

Why does the mascot relate to the region?

I feel like the Eskimos chose a white bear or a polar bear because it is really cold in the region that they are from.

Team information

Name of the team: Edmonton Eskimos

Country: Canada

State/Providence: Alberta

City: Edmonton

Longitude and Latitude: 53.53degrease North and 133.5degrease West

Region: Prairie Region

Three interesting facts about the region:

1. It provides most of the natural grass in the country.

2. The prairie region gets VERY cold.

3. The prairies meet the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.

Three physical features of the region

1. Lots of grass

2. Rivers

3. A small amount of hills

Team History

When was this team established: 1949

Who was the founder: there was no founder of this team. It is a community owned team.

What is a connection to this region: the Eskimos name connects to the region because the Eskimos represent the cold.


What is the name of the stadium/arena: Commonwealth Stadium

Why does this stadium have this name: I think it is because it is used for many diffrent sporting events and sport teams.

Has this stadium ever had a different name: No

More stadiums have been changing their names to businesses rather than individuals. Why do you think this is happening?

I think it is because the teams need more money. They get payed for having their names changed to the business.