Pope Francis

"Miserando atque eligendo" "Compassion and Choosing"

His Biography

Born on the 17th of December 1936 under the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Being the eldest of five siblings. His father was Mario José Bergoglio and his wife was Regina María Sívori. His father was an immigrant accountant and his mother was a house wife. He was names the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Leadership Qualities

Pope Francis has the qualities of not judging others. He believes that is if a citizen wants to seek go "who am I to judge them," with this he does not judge by their gender, color, or sexuality. He is also equal on the position of men and women and the roles they play in society and religion. He is very kind to others when he meets them even if they have never met.

Impacting Others

With the views Pope Francis has he has impacted many on how he looks at others and the world. They look up to him as a leader to get them closer to God. He encourages other to look towards God.

Sharing the Same Skills

The skills shared by Pope Francis and I is the kindness and the perspective on others we both have. With meeting new people we are both kind to them and and do not judge them for the way they are by race, religion, and sexuality.