December 14-Mariner Matters

Shout Out!

Congratulations to Ms. Sevelovitz and Ms. Hawkins for their students winning Chatham County Schools Science Fair. They will be moving on to the regional competition in February. Congratulations to Erin Boecke for being named a Bright Idea teacher of the week. Erin will be recognized at the UNC-NC State basketball game in January and on the Tarheel Sports network the week of December 30th.

Staff Celebration

We will have a staff celebration on December 18th beginning at 1pm. This is a required event for all staff. We will meet in the Media Center. There are two optional games 1. Ugly sweater contest and 2. White elephant which is each participant bring a small gift valued between $5-10 and each pick person will pick a number and then pick a gift. We should end by 2:30.

Building Open-Saturday

The building will be open on Saturday from 7am-2:30pm because of the PTA thrift shop sale.


The leadership team will be meet on Monday in the Media Center. We will talk about fundraising and the school improvement plan.

Curriculum Team-Monday

The curriculum team will meet Monday to discuss the recent math assessment.

Fashion Show/winter concert-Monday

The winter concert will be held on Monday beginning at 6:30pm. Its optional and those who show and/or participate will receive some hours. There are about 50 models of adults and students.


Darlene will be here on Tuesday to observe Fundations in the k-2 classrooms.

Leadership Team-Wed/Thur

The leadership team will be off campus at training on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Early Release-Friday

Just a reminder that Friday is an early release day.

Units of Study Writing

There will be a consultant here on January 14h for an optional professional development session on Units of Study in writing. This consultant has been trained in the new grade level units. The session will take place after school from 3:30-4:45. We will take attendance for CEUs.

Car rider sticks

Please make sure you are giving your students the car rider sticks in the afternoon. There are too many students without sticks. Please see the front office for more sticks.


Please make sure we are consistent doing our duties. Friday morning a few parents were at the bus doors saying they have been allowed to come through the back according who was on duty. Please do not allow parents to come through the back door.


I will be reviewing progress monitoring this weekend. Please sync your ipads if needed. I will email questions if needed.