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Watch Iron man 3 Online Free - The humor was genius especially with the scene when tony starks leaves the kid, and the kid was trying to mess with him, the second the kid said that you were going to leave me like my father I Actually prayed that tony would say YES, because I (fuckin') knew that the kid was just messing with him, kids living on their own, tend to learn and be more mature than normal kids living with their parents.

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The twist was never seen before, terrorism is not what people think it is. just like in homeland series with the couple who were being terrorist, it's not what alway Arab vs occidentals ( that's would be a racist thing to say..). it was a very objective movie, it's not a good vs evil. it's people making choices, actions and living the consequences, it could be a good thing for them ( like the little kid's surprise at the end, or a bad thing like the vice president being arrested, even if he did it so help his daughter, sacrificing a whole nation for a personal thing is acting a very selfish way. you would say that it was his daughter, but if you look at it, even if her leg would come back, it would be a bloody leg, just like bloody money is bad. so helping someone you love by hurting someone else is not good (simple as that).

SO there you go: The story was awesome, action was awesome, humor was awesome, acting ... nothing to say, music was awesome, etc etc... the movie is purely awesome. There were a lot of character development just to show us there not just a one good guy vs one bad guy, we have everybody struggling with their own personal issues that is the main reason why, I had to put 10/10, the other was because of haters putting 1->6/10, if they didn't like the movie it's because they didn't understood it, it's OK not to understand or not liking it because it may not be your thing ( it's a shame, it's like not liking beer or nutella....), but people who are insulting it because they didn't understood it are... being BAD people.