Career Development Project

By the Savage, Anthony Hernandez


I have 6 People in my family. My older brothers Joaquin and Alex are pretty chill and my younger brother is only 1 year old so he just a baby. I have 1 sister named Luna and she can get pretty annoying. My mom is pretty cool to and works real hard. My step-dad is cool to because he plays games like me and my brothers do.


I like to play football with my friends and at school. I also like to play soccer with my brothers and friends. when i'm not outside i'm inside playing video games.


My top 3 life values are: Family, Friends, Sports

My top 3 work values are: Stay on task, listen, work hard

Its all good

3 things about me that make me happy are football, soccer, and food.

My future

Someday i am going to travel around the world, have a family, play a sport, get a German Shepherd, and have a lot of money.