Thanksgiving !

Come to our family meeting this Thanksgiving!

Our nice family Thanksgiving dinner!

Hey you guys! Like every year we are gonna do our family Thanksgiving dinner at Granny's house! It is nice to see (hopefully) the whole family together and spend this nice day together.

So please come and bring your kids so we can have a nice evening like always.

Please call Granny and tell her who's with you so we can prepare everything, there is enough space so don't mind if the kids wanna bring a friend along.


Please feel free to bring salad or pumpkin pie, but please tell before what you bring with you. We don't want to have 10 pies and only one salad.

Don't know how to do pumpkin pie? Just watch the Video below.

How to make Pumpkin Pie recipe

Family Thanksgiving dinner!

Thursday, Nov. 22nd 2012 at 5-9pm

Beaver Dam, WI

Beaver Dam, WI

At Granny's house


As you could read we meet at five but we just start then to eat some snacks and talk so stay calm if you cant come along so "early". The turkey should be ready around 7 to 7:30 pm so make sure you are around this time. It is no problem when you want to come earlier and watch football with us together.
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Can't wait to see you all next Thursday!