1B Family Update

February 17, 2017

Dear Families

It has been a great two weeks before we said goodbye for break. We continued to work hard and had a ton of fun, celebrating the 100th Day of School and visiting the Queens Museum. We hope you and your family have a wonderful week and will see you back at school on Monday, February, 27th. See below for some updates.


We are publishing! We can't wait until we complete our publishing and share what we have been working on. We have officially wrapped up our retelling unit by discussing nonfiction texts and another reading strategy of summarizing. When we summarize a nonfiction text, we first identify the main idea of the text, then some facts we learned about topic, and end our summary with an AMAZING fact we learned! Ask your child to share some new facts they have read up on about various topics. Moving forward, we will be begin our new unit on fairytales.


After exploring base-10 blocks and the concept of regrouping, the class reviewed all the strategies they know to solve addition and subtraction equations and word problems (see picture below). Any of these strategies (including drawing out all the objects in a problem) are acceptable to solve problems in first grade. Students were encouraged to explore using different strategies and share which ones worked for them. For example, one student shared that she likes to solve addition problems by drawing base-10 blocks and regrouping but prefers to draw out individual ones in a picture to solve subtraction problems. (If the problem is 35-17, she drew 35 small circles then crossed out 17 of them.)

In second grade, students will review addition and subtraction and regrouping during the beginning of the year in order to efficiently solve 2-digit and 3-digit addition and subtraction. To prepare them for this, we will continually practice and review addition and subtraction during math lessons and morning work.

Amy Czaja and Kendra Thomas
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Principled Student of the Week: Jasper

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Jasper has demonstrated our learner profile for February: principled. Principled students are honest, fair and show respect to all others. They take responsibility for their own actions. Here are examples from classmates of how Jasper showed that he is principled:

  • You're honest and fair.
  • He was principled because in recess we were playing and I said "stop" because I didn't like something and he started playing again and stopped.
  • Jasper was being principled because the other day Jasper was trying to listen and not fool around.
  • The teachers always say "wow good job, Jasper" because he fixes it if he fools around.
  • Jasper was also principled by thinking of why the whole class was talking too loud when we were trying to start snack and he put up a silent sign.
  • You have been principled because he works really hard.
  • For example, pretend Jasper and someone were playing Sum Swamp and the other person wanted to be the turtle, but Jasper was the turtle and once the game was done then he switched.

Principled Student of the Week: Eva

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Eva has demonstrated our learner profile for February: principled. Principled students are honest, fair and show respect to all others. They take responsibility for their own actions. Here are examples from classmates of how Eva showed that he is principled:

  • She doesn't get distracted.
  • She is respectful to others. If someone bumps her, she will say "excuse me, you bumped me" in a nice voice.
  • She listens to the teachers instructions. She always raises her hands when she needs to ask a question.
  • I never seen Eva yell at someone.
  • When she see others putting the silent signal up, she will too and others will follow her.
  • I told her "That was my spot!" She said "Sorry I didn't know because you were standing up." She said it in a respectful voice.

Classroom Photos


Happy 100th Day of School!

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Field Trip to the Queens Museum

Reminder about Read-a-thon

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Specials Update

1B se mueve en la casa

1B is exploring the inside of a house- La casa: cocina (kitchen), comedor (dining room), baño (bathroom), sala (living room) and cuarto (bedroom). We drew a big house on the classroom floor with tape and then we used TPR (Total Physical Response) and theater techniques to learn and understand la casa. We had so much fun playing and acting out in each area of the house, our favorite one was the baño. Spoiler alert: 1B is full of natural actors, better than any telenovela (soap opera). Now we are becoming experts on interior design, our Spanish mini houses are unique and full of colors. Please check out our pictures, videos and song lyrics and continue to support your linguist learner by practicing our songs at home, listening to music and watching a telenovela in Spanish.

Ps, We are getting ready for our next Anytime Anywhere Stop: Kyoto, Japan. Check out the video and continue practicing Japanese greetings. We need volunteers to travel back in time with us, please see the sign-up sheet below and thanks for continuing to support our magical adventures.

Muchas Gracias,

Maestra Rosado and Maestra Nivia


BATMAN BOOTCAMP! 1st grade has been tackling challenging stations of fitness participating in training for superhero status!
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A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal... and Ms. Lawrence!

Today is my last day of teaching before I go on maternity leave. I will return in June to finish out the year. I just wanted to send a quick message to say goodbye for now and thank you for all your support and well-wishes throughout this year. I'm proud to be a part of the BPCS community, and it has been a privilege to teach Science to such an amazing group of students. I wish the 1B Scientists all the best for a fun and educational term 3! In my absence Science will be taught by the fabulous Ms. Lawrence.

Message from Ms. Lawrence:

Hello 1B! I am super excited to cover for Ms. Rosabal while she experience the great joy of motherhood. I look forward to switching roles and continuing First Grade's study of the states of matter. I will continue to keep you updated on Science happenings via bi-weekly Smores.


Tiffany Lawrence

First Grade Music

In the past four weeks, in every music class, first graders played, danced, and discussed what a steady beat is. They patted the beat while playing games from this past fall like “Lucy Locket.” A rotating band of first graders played the beat on instruments while the rest of the class danced “Bow Wow Wow.” They played a beat leader game, sung in Spanish, called “El Capitán.” First graders even simultaneously marched and played the beat while singing “The Noble Duke of York.” They are quickly becoming beat experts!

As always, if you have any questions or folk songs that you would like to share, contact me at jkramer@brooklynprospect.org.