by Sarah Artzt

History - Why Do I Love It?

When my brother was my age he was wanted to take pictures too. As he got older his pictures improved. I would watch him sit and wait for the perfect image. Then he would snap the picture. He could make a cactus a work of art and that always amazed me. So I started running around the house with my dad’s camera taking pictures of lamps, my dogs, and soccer gear.


Whenever my friends and I bored we get all dressed up and I take pictures. It’s a lot of fun. My friend Vanna, and I just did it a month ago right before school. The pictures looked amazing. I was so proud of myself. It was the first time I felt they looked professional.


My inspiration isn’t exactly one person. My brother is definitely up there but I have other inspirations. Some of them are just pictures on the internet. I hope that my pictures will be seen all over internet just like some of those artists.

The Present

Recently, I have been begging my parents for a new camera. I have been researching it a little and have found some pretty good options. It would be the next step in making my pictures better. I am also thinking about creating a website to share my images. There are multiple options for my next step. We will just see where fate takes me.
Photography isnt about making something look beautiful. It is about bringing out the beauty in something.