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Best Marketed Companies

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Apple marketed itself through commercials, ads, and the constant release of new products. It has become the face of new technology with its iphones, laptops, iwatches and other products. It is known one of the top technology company.
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Geico is one of the biggest auto insurance companies in the nation. It market it self with its famous walking and talking geico along with funny commercials and ads.

Best Products

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Worst Products

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Top Movies

Star War: The Force Awakens

The new Star Wars was market with several different trailers about the movie and posters and ads. They also sold a lot of merchandise of the new movie and of the old movies. The stars of the movies did interviews about the movie.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2

Mockingjay was marketed with several trailers including propaganda videos from the movie. They also had a variety of movie posters showing different characters. The cast also did interviews to discuss the movie.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift markets her music by provided snippets of the music before it's released and by partnering with store and companies such as Coke-a-Cola and Target. Her personable and relatable attitude attract large amounts of fans.


Adele uses much different techniques to market her music then most. She refuses to interview excessively and keeps her life private. Her marketing is very subtle. For her last album she let out one add with a part of her song, Hello, telling no one it was her, thus letting speculation grow about her music. She also releases songs that people can relate with which attracts large amount of consumers.

Most Influential People


1- Exercise more often! Plus more sleep!

2- Spend more time with family during the week!

3- Don't procrastinate as much!