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Take the Mission Possible Challenge...
The Mission Possible Challenge- Natalie Finds Her 2nd Grade Teacher

Take the Mission Possible Challenge

The power of a simple phone call and 'thank you.'
The Mission Possible Challenge
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Our schools present a unique set of challenges and require very special individuals and efforts to succeed. Mission Possible staff members have More Passion. They Maximize Potential of every student and every moment. They are Meeting Parents and Making Partnerships. They reach kids with Meaningful Practice.

To be MP is to walk into your building and do your work with Matchless Pride.

Are you MP?

What kind of strategies do you find helpful (or absolutely necessary!) while working in your highly impacted school?

Follow this link (or click the 'Are you MP?' button below) to post a response to the question and you'll be included in our raffle for a $25 gift card! (Be sure to include your name and your school):


We'll announce the winner in January!

Are you MP?

The teaching profession, in our humble opinions, is the most important to our society. That said, we love all schools, but we have a particularly special place in our hearts for our Mission Possible schools- where the challenge and need are greater.

Enjoy Your Break!

If I were a medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to any patient who considered his work important.
-- Bertrand Russell

Mission Possible Department

The Mission Possible program is dedicated to the mission of improving quality instruction for students in schools with acute needs by Recruiting, Retaining, and Rewarding teachers who make a significant impact on students’ growth.

This comprehensive teacher-incentive program means we can have better teachers and better schools through targeted professional development and coaching.