Many Pearls

July Monthly Memo

Top 10 in Sales for June

Jayme Griffin $3,381
Elle Hatcher $3,160
Kathy Rittenberry Chaney $3,152
Nicki Bynum $1,931
Enqu Berhanu Kent $1,923
Lizzie Altman Larson $1,653
Kim Thomas Hobkirk $1,637
Melissa Couv $1,558 (Melissa also had twin girls this month!)
Sara Beth Longenecker $1,531
Renee Fiander Hitchcock $1,145

welcome new stylists

Lizzie Larson - Nashville TN sponsored by Kathy Chaney
Lisa Elmore - Huntsville AL sponsored by Morgan Carman
Maria Riebe - Jacksonville FL sponsored by Elle Hatcher
Darla Duncan - Franklin TN sponsored by Kathy Chaney
Jennifer Rhea - Madison MS sponsored by Jayme Griffin
Summer Scanlon - Coeur D Alene ID sponsored by Madelyn Craig
Amie Baker - Franklin, TN sponsored by Elle Hatcher
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Get ready for a great month with our Summer Sale, Engravables, Dot Dollars, Hoopla and the debut of our New Collection later this month! Believe it or not, July is the "kickoff" to our biggest selling season! Your actions this month will carry you through into the Fall and Holiday season. I'm going for 4 shows this month...who is with me? Start contacting your potential debut hostesses this week to get them lined up for later this month when the New Collection is released.
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Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

Want to make the most of your long weekend? Book some tote shows! Post a cute red, white and blue style snap on FB or IG or text or email to a few friends with a message like this:

"Anyone local interested in having a Stella & Dot trunk show on the go this holiday weekend? I'm looking for THREE lucky ladies. How it works: I fill one of our bags with this season's best sellers and you get to wear and share over the holiday weekend. Armed with a few catalogs and order forms, you just made yourself a holiday hostess and can earn credit to shop for free! Email me or message me - you'll thank me"

Are you traveling over the 4th? Find a friend who will grab a few girls together to shop! Hosting your own celebration? Have your accessories on display! The girls will want to see your sparkle!
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New Compensation Plan coming this Fall

If you haven't heard, Stella & Dot is getting bigger and better this Fall! Imagine starting from Day 1 with a HUGE head start? That's where we ALL are! You will have the opportuntity to enter a Bonus Pool in 2015 if you promote to Star before the end of the year. This is HUGE and ATTAINABLE by everyone! How? Focus on the Circle of Success - Book - Sell - Sponsor! 4 shows a month is the place to start!
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Glam Getaway Qualifications start NOW!

I'm so excited about our latest incentive! You are earning points now for this contest! What level are you aiming for? Aim HIGH!
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Let's do this! 2014 is your year to FLY!

Kathy Chaney
Associate Director
Stella & Dot
Nashville TN 37205