AT Hoop

Have fun in the summer with the all new AT Hoop!

It is getting warm outside, time to play some basketball!

On the go? Want to play some ball? Can't go to the park? Well Buy the AT Hoop ( The All Star Transforming Hoop). If you are traveling and want to play some ball but don't have a hoop, well the AT Hoop is a perfect hoop to play with. It is the size of a small laptop bag and is hard plastic. With a click of a button the AT Hoop transforms from the bag to a full 10ft hoop. The height is adjustable starting from 3 feet. It is programmed to keep score of a regular basketball game up to a 3 point game. It speaks too! It can be placed anywhere from grass to concrete. It locks itself down in the grass with pegs and drills tiny holes in the concrete then locks it self down. Age range 4+.

Where to find this product:

This product is at Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, and Dicks,

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Abdillah Summers

To order your AT Hoop call 1-800-456-HOOP (4667)

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