AIESEC Arizona State Newsletter

Sunday, January 31 2016


Welcome to the first AIESEC Arizona State Local Committee Newsletter for 2016!
You will all be receiving a weekly newsletter every Saturday to keep you in touch with the Local Committee and keep you up to date with what's happening in AIESEC.

To All New Members,

"Every generation has the chance to shape the world"

Welcome to the first step in your AIESEC journey. I remember the first step that I took on mine when I began my AIESEC exchange and when I came back as a new member of AIESEC Arizona State; the first steps that set me on a journey that has fundamentally changed who I am and allowed me to explore and develop my leadership potential. This experience will challenge you in ways you could not begin to imagine. You will be placed out of your comfort zone and you will fail. But understand that you will not be on this journey alone and that each failure brings you closer to achieving your fullest potential. I can see that every member in this LC (Local Committee) is striving to choose greatness and do truly amazing things this year. As your LCP I am here to help you live up to the values and principles of AIESEC and to discover how you can achieve your fullest potential. I encourage you to go inspire change and charge forward into your AIESEC journey.

So with that, lets go change the world.

- Alex

AIESEC. It makes a difference.

Meet EB Charge

EB Charge is your Executive Board Team for 2016. These are some of the most dedicated individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with in AIESEC. We'll be keeping up the momentum moving into the next week and into the month of February so stay tuned for what we have in store.

#GoInspireChange #ChargeForward

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2016 So Far...



Our Potential Building Leadership Seminar will be coming up this weekend

Date for PBLS: Saturday, February 6th.

More information will be released during the week at LCM.

Please contact Jesse Molar at if you have any questions regarding PBLS.

West Coast RoKS

West Coast RoKS will be on February 12-14 in Fresno California. This is a semi-annual event that brings together members of AIESEC in the West Coast Region. It's a weekend full of growth, leadership development, and fun.

Registration and Payment Deadline: February 8th

Registration Fee: $90

To register for RoKS, visit:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kristen Yee (OCVP Delegate Services) at

Membership Dues

Membership dues will be reinvested back into the Local Committee to help pay for shirts, retreat funding, and to help better your Global Leader experience.

Membership Dues are due for all new and old members on Wednesday, February 10th @ 9:00pm

Late fees for membership dues are $10 dollars a per day past the deadline.

If you know that you will be late with the payments, contact Jean through text, email, or call at least 2 days before the deadline.

Jean Jimenez:


Functional Updates and Goals

This section is going to be updated each week with what has happened with operations within all functions of the LC during the previous week and what each function will be working towards for the upcoming week. Functional Goals and metrics will be added to newsletters beginning next week.

Incoming Global Talent (iGT) - iGT will be working on iGT training leading up to LCM. Stacy will be finalizing content and training for the upcoming semester and she will be working on the upcoming Networking Event content with Digant for February. The Account Delivery team will be meeting with our partners for the invoice for our traineeship fee, confirming the Job Description for a new contract with Valutek, and sorting logistics to bring in our incoming intern from Canada.

Outgoing Global Talent (oGT) - oGT is working with oGC and MKT to set up tabling and other content for outgoing exchange program promotion. Functional Training will be taking place until the next LCM and multiple opportunities are already "Open" on EXPA. LC-LC Partnerships for the exchange are being finalized and updates for the LC will be coming soon.

Outgoing Global Citizen (oGC) - oGC will be working on training for the following week. Leo has been working on setting up a partnership with Mesa Community College to potentially promote Global Citizen Programs on that campus, effectively reaching out to an untapped market for possible exchange results. LC-LC Partnerships with Ecuador and India are in the works.

Marketing (MKT) - Digant has been consistently growing Digital Marketing and branding for AIESEC. The Marketing team will be undergoing training for Marketing along with training to understand Global Talent and Global Citizen. Initiatives to set up partnerships on the Tempe campus with other student organizations will be worked on for University Relations. Marketing will continue to work with iGT for the upcoming AIESEC Networking events.

Finance - Functional training will be focused on for the upcoming week. Finance is working on sponsorships for alternative revenue and identifying ways for funding. Communication for cost-efficient methods for traveling to RoKS are in the works and the finance team is negotiating with the West Coast Local Committees to coordinate transportation options.

Talent Management - The Talent Management team is wrapping up recruitment and onboarding of all new members for the Global Leader Program. The upcoming week they will be working on solidifying the content and logistics for PBLS and membership tracking. They are working on something special for you guys coming up this week so look out for that update in LCM.

LC Newsletter Feedback

If there is any improvement to the LC Newsletter that you would like to see, please submit any ideas or suggestions here. Feedback is greatly appreciated.