Atomic Models

The History of Of Atomic Theory

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You create a timeline that shows the past and current models of the atom. Be sure to create the line with years listed on it.
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You will research ONE atomic model/theory and create a Chatter Pix to explain the model/theory. Your Chatter Pix animation must include enough information for the people viewing it to fill out the proper section on the "Atomic Model Timeline Foldable".

Click on the boxes below to get your information and use the Chatter Kids app on the iPad to create your animation.

Your Chatter Pix will be used to help others learn about the models and complete the worksheet

Click on the gray boxes

If you have Broglie & Schrodinger...

Check out the Prezi in the white box below and the website on the gray box below.
Info on Schrodinger (Do NOT ask about his cat!)

Read about his discoveries in 1926.

*Do I have to go to every site?

NO! You only need enough information to fill in the answers on the foldable and make an animation about the information.

*Who will see my Chatter Pix?

You will show it to a group of people and teach them what they need to know.

If you finish early...

Please watch the video below if you finish early. It's a little complicated but it's VERY interesting.
Modern Atomic Theory: De Broglie's, Schrodinger's & Heisenberg's Contributions