Team 105 Friday Fill-In

Habit Highlight: Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw

"Story of Learning"

Please be sure to set aside some time this weekend to enjoy your child's first entry in their "Story of Learning" binder. The binder was sent home today! It will need to return back to school each Monday. Our plan is to send home this binder each Friday. Before the weekend, your child will have set a goal to work towards. This goal can be practiced over the weekend. In the binder, you will notice the week's objectives and your child's personal assessment of where they feel they are at with each objective. This binder will also contain any assessment, math menu or reflection assignment your child completes throughout the remainder of the year. My hope is that this binder will work as an excellent communication tool between you and your child and will give you a deeper look into our week. The kids are super excited to track their progress and have a spot to capture their Third Grade "story." I am looking forward to getting this process up and running, especially because the vision of this binder was created by a partnership between me and the kids.

Lastly, in the binder you will notice a couple questions that mirror the concepts addressed during the week. This is another data piece that will showcase where your student is by the end of the week. However, depending on how much time we have on Friday, these questions may or may not be checked as a class. These questions are created for students to reflect on their own learning and decide how secure they feel with each concept. It will give students the chance to really reflect on their learning each week, and hopefully help guide them to what concepts they need extra practice with.

If you have any questions - please contact me. I hope you and your child find this as a valuable and enjoyable experience!

What an awesome group of Learners!!

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Students proved multiplication is the inverse operation of division. We also broke apart division and multiplication equations to find the relationships.

6 x 7 = 42

42/6 = 7

6 = How many groups

7 = How many are in each group

42 = Whole

Students created their own story problems and illustrated them to prove the relationship between multiplication and division.

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Students found the descriptive structure in Informational text. In order to organize their thinking they used thinking maps such as a web map and a box and bullets map. The descriptive structure describes the characteristics of a particular topic.

Readers also found the sequential structure in informational text. Students used thinking maps such as timelines, cycles and flow charts to organize their thinking. The sequential structure in a nonfiction text describes the chronological order.


At this point, your Third Grade Writer has solidified what topic they are using for their Informational Text. They have chosen 4-5 subtopics to turn into chapters. Currently, writers are using web maps and box and bullet maps to organize the information they would like to include in their chapters.

I am encouraging students to bring home their writing/writing folders to work on with you at home! Hopefully, some start coming home over the weekend. If your child decides to bring home their writing folder, PLEASE remind them to bring back their folder the next school day. We work on our writing pieces 3-5 days a week.

Save the Dates

3 Late Start 9:05 am

4 Muffins with Mom 7:45 am

4 PTO General Membership Meeting 8:30 am in Cafe

5 Reach for the Stars (3rd Grade Event)

10 Count Day

11 PTO Little Caesars Fundraiser Night

12 Valentines Day Party 2:30 pm

15-16 Mid-Winter Recess - NO SCHOOL

19 School Dance (Hoedown) 6-8 pm

24 Late Start 9:05 am

25 Lego Competition 3:45 pm

New Lunch Menu

The new CCS lunch menus were sent home on Thursday. The new menu starts on Monday, February 1.


Choice Three EVERY WEEK: Wednesday and Friday are both Wolf Salads and NOT Wow Butter Sandwiches.

Reach for the Stars

Have a great weekend!!