Multiplication and Division

First I am going to talk about Multiplication

Multiplication Is when you want to double a number or add a number more and more for example. 5 times 5=25 because when you multiply 5 and 5 you double it 5 + 5 + 5 + 5=25 5+5=10+5=15+5=20+5=25.

Now I am going to talk about Division

Division is when you want to split a number to make it in equal groups but not all ways you will get an even number you sometimes get remainders for example 364 divided by 15=24 remainder 4 because 24 times 15 =368 you have extra.Dividend is the number you are going to split.The divider is the number you are going to use to split the dividend.The quotient is the answer to a division problem

The division is the opposite of multiplication witch is called inverse operation

When you look at the picture above it is using multiplication to solve (quotient) a division problem like 3 times 25 = 75