Temperate Forest



Eastern half of North America, Middle of Europe, Southwest Russia, Eastern China, Japan


50 degrees Fahrenheit; average rainfall is 30-60 inches a year.

Plant Life:

There are five different zones. 1st one is the tree stratum, 2nd is the small tree and sapling, 3rd is shrub zone, 4th is the herb zone, 5th is the ground zone.

Animal life

Bald eagle, Black bear, coyote, duckbill platypus, eastern chipmunk, European red squirrel, Fat dormouse, least weasel and the white tail deer.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Gets its name because the temperatures are not extreme.
  • Winters typically see temperatures below freezing.
  • Most animals are camouflaged and blend in with the ground to hide from predators.

Sabina Russo, Jess Mullis