Community Life

Brentwood Church

Want a free t-shirt? We need your help.

Starting in January, we are going to start a campaign to introduce people to either leading a community group or joining a community group. One of the things we are doing is having Group Leaders wear shirts on Sunday morning that say "Ask me about Community Groups". I want to see JF full of these shirts so that people see the value that we put on Community Groups and are also able to talk to one of you about what it's about.

If you would be willing to help us out, then simply email with your name and t-shirt size. You get a free shirt while helping people get connected in to biblical community. It's a WIN-WIN!

Did you group launch this past Fall?

For those groups that just launched this past Fall, you should be done or at least concluding your stories for each person. That means it's time for your group to go over the Shared Values Agreement. This is the document that unifies the group under a common vision and purpose, giving each couple/person an opportunity to either commit to the group moving forward or decide to not continue.

Shared Values Agreement

Who is your group serving this holiday season?

Be in prayer as a group about who God wants you to serve during a season where needs seem to be more prevalent. Is it someone in your neighborhood, someone at your work, or just someone that God places on your heart?

Mosaic Meals- Serving Opportunity

We have an incredible opportunity to serve families in our community who are fostering children. If your group would like to sign up for a both to deliver meals, simply email They need 3 things in the email:

  1. What month in 2016 you would like to sign up for.
  2. Your phone number and email address.
  3. What areas you would be willing to deliver to: Lynchburg, Campbell County, Bedford.

Group Curriculum

Located towards bottom of page.

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7 Gauges of Community Groups

  1. Provide Care
  2. Cultivate Relationship
  3. Serve Together
  4. Pursue Multiplication
  5. Promote Participation
  6. Celebrate Change
  7. Practice Spiritual Disciplines

Community Life Directors

  • Joe Eskridge
  • Sean Mills
  • Darren Wilson
  • Desiree Gentala
  • Matt Norton
  • Erin Guridy
  • Nathan Cantu
  • Brett Clubb