Research Project

Alexys King

Should Athletes get paid for playing a sport?


Athletes should not be paid, because they need most of the money for tournaments, finals, and some students get scholarships so they don't have to pay for their college they get a free ride. Athletes shouldn't complain about not getting money for working hard.

5-7 Sentence Paragraph

Athletes should want to come and play the sport that they got in to, not worry about getting paid. You should want to work no matter what, and make your team look good. Your coaches have to use that money to get you new uniforms, shoes, get you to games and tournaments,etc. You should appreciate your coaches and staff because they are taking their times and using that money that you don't need for yourself. Be an athlete that wants to come out and play and not an athlete that came to the school just for money.

Text evidence

Why is it a problem to pay college athletes?

In the article, "The debate continues: should players get paid said in the statement. "Whether to pay college athletes remains one of the most explosive issues in sports, as media-rights fees and coaching salaries have exploded."

Why should athletes not complain over not getting certain amount of money?

Howard P. Chudacoff believed that,"They walk the campus in high-price athletic and leisure attire, often provided free by Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and the like; and they are fed specialized, nutritious diets."

Should student-athletes take school and sports for granted?

Howard p. Chudaoff honestly thinks,"I say not so fast. These athletes are already treated like campus royalty, enjoying far more perks, and richer ones, than their classmates could dream of."

Would money going to basketball players force to end school programs that don't make money?

Matthew Futterman's opinion is,"It's a lot more complicated than whether the men and women who play in these tournaments should get paid."

If you pay one sport do you have to pay other sports too?

Matthew Futterman thinks,"You pay the basketball players, then you got to pay the softball team and the gymnastics team and everybody else."


Some people think that athletes should get paid all the money just for putting time in for what they do. They could spend it on stuff they want, and just have fun with it. However, an article by Howard P. Chadaoff states,"They can take advantage of the best coaching, the best medical care; the best trainers; the most modern weight and conditioning equipment, hydrotherapy pools, and devices to speed recovery of injury".