Get Active! Program:

EDUCATE Yourself

1 required season of a sport from K-12

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Positives of this program

  • long lasting friendship
  • learning how to work with a team
  • starting a healthy life style at such a young age

Know about Obesity and fight back!

  • Educate yourself!
  • We believe in and fight for teamwork, health, friendship, and life skills!

Supporters of Sports and the Importance of Regular Exercise: They KNOW


  • In 2000, physical inactivity cost an estimated $75 million.
  • Technology is a large effect on the increase of obesity
  • Americans are watching more sporting events, rather than participating in them

Watch What You Hand Your Child

"For children 2 and under, their official recommendation is no passive screen time. That's a time when these young kids need to be developing language skills and learning to recognize a facial expression, not scanning the Internet on an iPad".

  • Gary Small, author and professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and Parlow-Solomon Professor on Aging at UCLA.
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