Arena Rock


Twins Chuck and John Panozzo along with Tom Nardini, worked the Chicago music scene form 1963 until 1969. When Tom left the group the Twins John and Chuck went to Chicago State University. Then they met John Curulewski, with whom they formed TW4. James Young then joined a year later and they changed there name to the Styx (after the river that flows through the underworld in Greek Mythology.)

The new formed band then went on to release many albums together. There first album was called Styx. The Styx had many diffrent people who joined the band, it changed along with the songs and when a memeber left.

The band then had a national break up in 1984. The group members went there separate ways for a while and embarked on solo careers. In 1990, the band finally got back together with newcomer Glen Burtnik. John Panozzo soon struggled with a drinking problem and the band had to replace him with Todd Sucherma. John eventually passed away, Chuck then followed his brother to leave the band.When Chuck left, some old members returned to officially complete the band.

What made them famous??

The Styx's 7th album The Grand Illusion had become there breakthrough album causing the band to gain major popularity. It even reached Triple Platinum Certification!

The band was signed to A&M records, Wooden Nickel Records, International Records, Sanctuary Records, and New Door Records.

Top songs

"Come Sail Away"

"Mr. Robato"

"Too Much Time On My Hands"


Top Albums

The Grand Illusion

Paradise Theater


Kilroy was Here

Characteristics of Area Rock

This type of Rock is:

Usually preformed in large sports arenas or big stadiums.

Area Rock incorporates a radio friendly sound.

More amplification to fill a large area.

Unique melody's and rhythms.

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Styx - Come Sail Away


S- main vocals, backup vocals, piano, drum set, bass, electric guitar

H- back up vocals, piano, drum set, bass, electric guitar

M- main vocals

R- moderate in 4

G- Intro, verse 1, chorus, interlude, verse 2, chorus, interlude, verse3, chorus, verse 4, chorus, outro

soft-moderate-loud plateau


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