13 January 2023

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End-of-Semester Message from Mrs. Sunderman, Head of School

The first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year has been a success. As a community we are grateful to be learning and working together in-person. There is much too much to celebrate, so we will just share a few items here:

  • The Tarsus Schools successfully completed the Council for International Schools Preparatory Evaluation Report and visit. We are now moving into the CIS Self-Study phase which will last for 12-18 months. During this time, the three schools will undergo a rigorous study and reflection of the CIS standards for international schools. We will be using this time to find opportunities to grow and improve.

  • The TAC community is making good progress on revising/rewriting the vision and mission. This is exciting because when a school has a powerful and contextually meaningful vision and mission statement, they are used to guide decisions and to keep everyone focused on our ultimate goals for students. There will be more opportunities in February for the community to engage in the vision and mission work.

  • In the spring semester, we will also begin work on developing our definition of high quality teaching and learning, as well as the TAC Strategic Plan. TAC stakeholder voices are important in these processes. Please contact the office of the Head of School for more information.

  • Communication with all stakeholders continues to be a focus and a value for us at TAC. If a student or parent has a request or concern, there are a variety of options: our teachers, counselors, Vice Principals, and senior administration if necessary.

  • In addition to academic success in the classroom, TAC students are excelling in the community through events such as the European Youth Parliament, Model United Nations, sports, chess, robotics, and so much more!

Successful Completion of the Final Exams of the First Semester

Leaving behind a busy exam week, we hope that our students receive good results. We wish them continued success in their academic performance in the second semester.

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An Example of the Strong Bond Between TAC Graduates and Current Students

We would like to proudly share a great example of abi-abla connection, one of the most important privileges of Tarsus American College (TAC), which lasts long after graduation from TAC.

Edibe Eylül, one of our 11th graders, visited Prof. Dr. Oğuz Yılmaz, a TAC graduate of 1989, whom she met during the Career Day on 23 May 2022 to receive more information about the career in medicine which she wishes to pursue. Edibe Eylül, who also had the chance to meet with Prof Dr. Hüsamettin Uslu (TAC 1994 graduate) and Prof. Dr. İbrahim Karaca Başaran (TAC 1996 graduate) during this visit, was very impressed and humbled by their sincere welcome and support. As TAC, we would like to thank the three TAC graduates for giving Edibe Eylul, who is very interested in going to a medical school, the opportunity to see their work environment.

We are proud of Edibe Eylül who has excellent performance in piano and chess as well, and wish her continued success.

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TAC Girls Volleyball Team Completed the Regional Finals

We are proud of the TAC Girls Volleyball team, who persevered through the end of the final game at the Regional Volleyball Championship held in Adana. We congratulate our players and thank their teachers for their support.

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