By: Brandon , Ti'Ara, Hannah

First Crusades

What: First Crusade

When: 1066

Who: French and German Peasants, Christians in Jerusalem, Selijuk Turk

Where: City of Nicaea

Why: The Christians wanted to take back the holy land for the Muslims

Thy result in this crusade is that it was very successful

Second Crusades

Who: European leaders

What: the 3rd Crusade. The "Kings' Crusade"

When: 1189-1192

Where: Holyland

Why: it was an attempt by European leaders to conquer holy land from Saladin

The result in it was that it was largely successful for the European leaders

Third Crusade

Who: Pope Eugene III and European Kings

What: Secouna

Where: Europe

Why: Because of the fall of the Country of Edessa

When: 1145-1149

The result was a failure for the crusades but a success for the Muslims