K5C Friday Features

Weekly Newsletter October 16

Bible News

We reviewed the ways that God blessed the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. We learned that we need to thank God for always doing what is right for us.

Memory Verse: I Thessalonians 5:18

Character trait: Patience - waiting with a happy spirit

Language Arts News

We enjoyed many nursery rhymes. Some were about animals, some about children, and some were about kings and queens. We are practicing rhyming words. You may enjoy playing a rhyming word game at home or in the car with your child.

Letter recognition: C,K, k, D, d

Letter Formations: ck, Dd

Word Families: -uck, -eck , -ick, -ed, -id

Letter sounds: \d\

New Service Word: has (in Friday folder)

Service words to review: this, my, I, the, mother, a, here, is, orange, love, his

New Phonics Stories: Sick Nick and Ken and Kit (in Friday folder)

New Books: My Pet (in Friday folder)

Math News

We are counting up to 50 and writing our teen numbers. We are “counting on” from 10. The children are enjoying using unifix cubes on their ten frames to show what they are learning. It is so important to remember to write a “1” first, or we will end up with the wrong number.

Share Time

Share next Friday: favorite picture book

A Look Ahead

*Fall Offering - October 19-23

*Parent Teacher conferences: October 26-October 30

Thank you for requesting a conference time using the SignUp Genius link.


*Thanksgiving Basket Food Collection – November 2-6

Each year we collect food items for Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. Look for the information sheet in the Friday folder. K5 is collecting boxes of stuffing mix.

* K5 Field Trip - We will be going to the Children’s Museum on Friday, November 13. More details will be coming. We will be eating a Chick-fil-A lunch at the museum. A $5 charge will be placed on the school bill of all students attending the field trip.


Any video or pictures that are sent to you are for your personal enjoyment. For the safety of our students, we ask that they not be posted online or distributed in any way.

Thank you for your kind understanding.