Life of Kullen Lowry

By Kullen Lowry

Kullen's Life Story

My Life

This is the life of Kullen Lowry. I, Kullen Lowry, was born on July 23, 2002. I enjoy sports. Such as Baseball, Basketball, and Football. I am a Freshman at Delphi High School. I like to eat at the the local Sandwich Shop, which is my favorite restaurant. I also really like the movie Suicide Squad.

Restaurant Review

The local Sandwich Shop is my favorite spot to eat at. After a game or after practice or after a long day you can go to the Sandwich Shop

Best Friend Review

Arturo Martinez is my best friend. We hangout all the time. We both play football together on the junior varsity team. Arturo is a offensive guard and I play quarter back. So, he protects me.

If I Won 10,000 Dollars

If I won $10,000 I would save the money. I would spend a little here and there. But, for the most part I would try to save most of it. I would probably buy the new video games that come with the money.

Advice To a Person Getting Bullied

Have you ever been bullied? Do you want it to stop? Well first you should tell an adult about your problems with the bully. If that doesn't work don't be afraid to get violent.

If I Could Change the World

If I could change the world, I would make homework illegal. That way I have more free time. If I could do that a lot of people would love me. I like to be loved.