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Read Between The Lines Issue No. 7 December 8, 2015

The RUG gets pulled out from under HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of PEOPLE!!

You have health insurance and you've been going along just fine. You haven't been sick and have comfort knowing you have health insurance. This is the only policy you have and Whamo!!

The insurance company decides they are no longer going to offer health insurance on the individual market!! Maybe this has not happened to you... BUT it just happened to hundreds of thousands of people in Texas.

That's right!! Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas cut the individual PPO plans. Do you realize how sickening and maddening that is? Why did they do it? Because it was costing them TOO much Money!!

You thought insurance was about you? NOT AT ALL!! Let me share some inside information. I have a colleague who is a health insurance rep in Texas and she said many of her clients can't even afford the ONE HMO that is available!! So they will be going without and paying the penalty.

I read one lady's comment that her premium would be more than her mortgage!! Do you know someone like that? Click the link and watch the story!!

Your Premiums are PAYING for a LIFESTYLE!!

Every year I find out what the top CEO's are making for Health Insurance Companies. Don't like what you are paying for a premium or even being quoted? I can completely understand after seeing these numbers.

You are paying for their lifestyle and for them to deny your claim.

Incidentally, I can't share the graphic with you in this newsletter and so WANT TO!!

If you want to see the graphic I have showing their pay from 2011 to 2014, send me an email at .

Let me throw this out there... one CEO is making $102,000 a DAY!! Others are not far behind!! You better believe these guys are not even giving you another thought!! They are getting their money and living the lifestyle they want at YOUR EXPENSE!!

Discount Plan GIVES you FREEDOM in Your Health Care

Have you been paying attention to the news, radio shows and even advertisements on social media? Have you seen the ads for Health Insurance saying enroll by December 15th for your insurance to be effective January 1?

People are frustrated with the insurance they already had. People are discovering the cost of their premiums have increased. Of course, they are not being told why their premiums increased. I shared with you before the increase is due to more sick people being enrolled than healthy people!!

There's no freedom when you are frustrated about rising monthly premiums, deductibles and co-pays. Where's the freedom when you struggle to pay a premium you can't afford which means you are more than likely NOT going to the doctor?

Imagine this: You had health insurance and had been paying on it for years without any incident. Then all of a sudden, you develop a chronic illness or disease and the insurance company you've been faithful to denies you a life or death medication?

Let's remember: You've paid thousands of dollars over the years - HOWEVER, they are turning their back on you when you need them.

Or what if, you are working for a company and you find out you have cancer. The company you are working for fires you because you because of your recovery time!! Granted this is the company that detected your cancer. Now you have no health insurance and will have to apply for Medicaid!! Caution: Doesn't mean that your health insurance would have taken care of all of your medical needs!! What would you do?

Are you ready to have Freedom in Health Care like me? How many times did you go to the doctor last year? Let me answer that for me: ZERO!!
Would it have been worth me paying $800 a month?

What do I have? I have Ameriplan's Healthcare Plan that is less than $50 a month.
How many times did I have to talk to a doctor last year?
Hmm, I think I used Telemedicine one time! What did that cost me? $17.50.

I have FREEDOM in my Health Care.
If I need to talk to a doctor, I can call or email 24/7/365.

If I need to go to ER (because of a life or death situation), I can and have my bill negotiated. (Without health insurance)

If I need to go to a dentist, I can. (Without dental insurance)
If I need to go to an Urgent Care facility, Walk in Clinic or even Low Cost clinic, I can AND it is not costing me $800 a month to do so. (Without health insurance).

I'm positioned to take care of my health without depleting my savings account because I didn't have options and went to the ER!! Do you know the average cost of walking into the ER is $2,500!!

There's an ER facility here that has a facility charge of $2,400!! Hmm, that doesn't count any of the charges once you get seen.

Will you make a DECISION and CHOOSE FREEDOM in your Health Care? Right now, how would you feel having our plan in place. Would sleep better tonight knowing you have a SOLUTION!! You don't have to be the one telling the story about being ripped off for health insurance over the holidays. You don't have to be the one staying at home because you are sick, don't have insurance and thinking your first alternative is ER!

Whose ready to enroll? You can self-enroll at

If you have any questions, I will be in my office tomorrow. My direct number is 303-576-0670.

Earn a $25 Gift Card.....

I'm a GIVER!!! I want to GIVE BACK TO YOU!! Here's what I am doing:

Refer three people who you KNOW would benefit from our plans and enroll no later than December 31, 2015 and stay enrolled for 30 days and receive a Gift card for $25!!

You must email the list of the three people's names so I know who they are when they call me or email me!!

If you are not using the plan, you can enroll and REFER people. Your enrollment will NOT count as one!!

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