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Walker Career Center weekly update - October 30, 2020

Smart Device Charging Station

The easiest way to assure students are interested in an assignment is to connect it with their smart phone! Intro to Construction is currently building wooden charging stations to hold their smart devices. Students are learning how to make accurate measurements as well as how to use a wide variety of power equipment.
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What is this, a center for ants?

Students in Intro to Design Processes are currently learning how to read plans to build tiny houses out of balsa wood.

Churching it up with garnishes

Students in Intro to Culinary have been learning about the power of presentation by working with different garnishes.

Cosmetology calls on office staff to help demonstrate

The Cosmetology team was nice enough to include our very own MJ in the eye lash extension lab this week. MJ was a trooper and volunteered to have the extensions put on in front of the class...... as expected, the team did an amazing job with the lashes and MJ looks wonderful as always!

Never too old to make a lovie to snuggle with!

The Fashion and Textiles class is having fun designing and bringing to life their own pillow designs.

Rosegate Bound!

Mrs. West and her black day cohort Health Science II students were able to go out on their first day of clinical this week. Students in Health Science II program are required to complete 75 clinical hours in order to be eligible to sit for their CNA licensing exam. Thank you to Rosegate for allowing our future nurses to learn from your amazing team once again this year!

In addition to being out on clinical this week, she also brought a little Halloween enjoyment into their lab experiment today for her gold day cohort!

Candy Corn Lungs

MSD of Warren Township is asking for your feedback

Families and Caregivers of Warren Township, students and teachers have completed the first quarter of school for the 2020-2021 school year. We would now like to look back and determine what went well, as well as look ahead to the rest of the school year and identify areas of growth. As a valued partner, we would like your input on how MSD Warren is doing with health and safety measures, communication, and family needs as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey via the link below. The survey window is open from October 19th through November 2nd.

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