The Ed Tech April Newsletter

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Six Quick Tips for Managing 1:1

1.Develop Effective Device Procedures

2. Empower Students by Holding them Accountable.

3. Create an Online Home

4. Set Clear Expectations

5. Know Where to Turn For Support

6. Do What Works For You

BONUS: Remember to Monitor your Students. If students are breaking procedures, there should be consequences. This only happens when you're moving about the room.

Chromebook Check

Do A Green Screen Video Project

If you're a middle school teacher, or if you can put green butcher paper onto your classroom wall, you can make a green screen video. Green screen videos are a great way for students to present on a topic, or act out a scene, and transport themselves somewhere else.

Here are some images taken from Mrs. Bosworth's class. Her students dressed up like a famous person and memorized a speech about that person's life. Now students will be able to use WeVideo on their Chromebooks to send themselves somewhere else. WeVideo has a free trial for teachers to let students use all of the features, but the general version is always free.