My Philosophy

Lauren Hazen

Learning: Not a Spectator Sport

The walls of a classroom should not confine education. Living in the twenty-first century with the advances of technology, learning is not a spectator sport. All students should have the opportunity to learn with the technological advances in society without the consideration of a student’s economic status. In order to provide my students with the best education I can, I continue to learn and develop my teaching strategies to best fit the needs of my students.

Incorporating Available Technology

Providing the technology for all of my students is not an easy task, but it is a necessity. Access to technology in the classroom is a requirement when schools are unable to guarantee access for students at home. My goal is to mold my students into productive members of society, but in order to do so, they need to be equipped with the “new literacies” that have been introduced with the increasing use of technology worldwide. By bringing technology into my classroom I am providing my students with the opportunity to collaborate on assignments, discover new resources and encourage them to think that just about anything is possible. To share my enthusiasm for learning, I incorporate different instructional technologies into daily lessons to encourage the different learning styles in my classroom. By using the SMARTBoard and document projector to their full potential, I am able to present my students with engaging lessons that pull them to the front of the class and establishing my position as the facilitator instead of the only educator. Incorporating technology into the curriculum through informational resources, online classrooms and other sources of communication, introduces my students to a relevant education in this technological age.

Thinking Outside the Box

Implementing other sources of technology such as Jing, video cameras, iMovie and other multimedia resources allows my students to create videos and other presentations. This offers another foundation of student learning when they are encouraged to discuss the topic using their own words. Providing opportunities of social constructivism in both general education and technology based instruction enables students to direct their own learning with the use of collaboration. By integrating technology into both the teaching and learning component of the classroom, it inspires students to lead the way in developing their own learning without allowing their personal differences.