April 28, 2016

Message from Ms. Boos

ISTEP+ Testing is over! I am so proud of our kiddos! They buckled down and focused each day, giving their best attention to each test! I do think they enjoyed the week and a half span without much, if any, homework! Please note, though, that we have resumed our normal schedule, routines, and homework.

We are in our final days together, which is entirely unbelievable! In these last few weeks, there is much to be done! Our two biggest items will be Camp Tecumseh and Hawk-A-Mania.

Speaking of Hawk-A-Mania, our school’s annual Hawk-A-Mania carnival is coming up on Friday, May 13. Each year, each classroom donates a raffle basket and each get raffled off (with other surprise prizes that our PTO has secured) at the end of the carnival’s evening.

Here’s where I need your help! Donate a themed item that can be added to our classroom’s basket. If you’d rather donate money or a gift card, I can use those, too, to help purchase larger items or gift certificates for our classroom’s basket.

Our classroom basket theme this year is Noblesville Nights. Anything you’d want for a night out or in as a resident of Noblesville goes! We brainstormed a list of items you’ll find below.

I would love to have items as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, May 6. Thank you so much to those that have already sent items in! I would like to have our basket complete and ready to display in my classroom one week before the carnival. Let’s make our basket the best at Hazel Dell!!

Thanks so much for your help in making the 2016 carnival a huge success! These are our suggestions for items that could be added to our basket:

Miller Shirts/Sweatshirts (Spirit Wear)


Miller Blanket


Alexander’s Gift Card


Courtney’s Kitchen Gift Card

Board/Card Games

Embroidered “N” or “Noblesville” Bag

Movie Gift Cards-In/Out!

Bug Spray

Pizza Making Supplies

Sunscreen S’Mores Supplies

Black/Gold Water Bottles

Pat-A-Cakes Baked Goods

32 on 32 Gift Card

Hamilton Town Center GC


Golf/Batting Center GC

You have also received an email from me through SignUpGenius at Please continue to help us fill those volunteer spots for the carnival, as it cannot be successful without YOU! I sincerely hope you can help make this evening a success! To encourage participation, I'm giving a "sit with a friend" pass to all students who have someone volunteer!

Camp Tecumseh is approaching quickly, too! Students will be getting a packing list today, so you have time to get things, if needed. As the trip approaches, we will decide whether to allow students to wear shorts. We'll allow it, as long as it is going to be warm enough. A poncho is a MUST, no matter what! It rained one year and some students were miserable as we are outside nearly the entire time, rain or shine!

Parent chaperones will be receiving a note this afternoon, too. This is a reminder for the required meeting on May 12th at 8am for all chaperones. You can bring your child with you, and they will wait in one of the fourth grade classrooms during that meeting. You will find out your rotations and all information you'll need that morning!

If your child will be taking medicine on the trip and you are not a chaperone, you will need to turn those medications in to the nurse in it's prescribed bottle 3 days before we leave for the trip. This counts for allergy medications, too! If you are chaperoning, just remember to bring the medications with you.

If your child has a food allergy or you have a food allergy, please contact me (if you haven't already done so) so I can make sure we have the appropriate food accommodations arranged for Camp. If your student already has the allergy on file with the school, I have already made food accommodations for them.

Please view the powerpoint attachment to gleam additional information about Camp Tecumseh. This was shared with students today. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much!

Last, but not least, I'm using Class Dojo in place of our Citizenship Charts through the rest of the year. I've volunteered to try this out to test how it's received and works when it's shared with Specials' area teachers and other 4th grade teachers. I think you'll enjoy the feedback on your child's daily behavior. You will be receiving a code with specific information as to how to access your child's feedback. Each child has their own individual code, as do you, and you'll need to download the app or go to where you'll then be prompted to sign up as a parent or student and use the provided code. It will only take a minute or two to sign up. I'd love to hear your thoughts as you access it.

Noteworthy Dates

5/12-13 Camp Tecumseh

5/13 Hawk-A-Mania

5/20 May Pole Celebration

5/27 Field Day

What's Going On?

Reading: Fairy Tales & Poetry

We're focusing on identifying and analyzing theme and literary elements such as figurative language, symbolism, mood, flashback, and imagery. We're practicing our fluency within this unit as well. Controlling our tone and pace are skills we forget about sometimes!

Writing: Fractured Fairy Tales

How does changing one part of a story, such as a character, location, time period, affect a story? Through this unit, we will "play" with story elements, fracturing popular fairy tales and creating our own new, improved tales.

Science: Changes to Earth's Surface

The shape of Earth's land changes over time. Natural resources are limited and humans protect and harm the natural environment.

Better Us Skills (B.U.S): Creativity

Creativity is trying new approaches to get things done which equals innovation and invention!

Math: Units 9 & 10

4th Grade: Unit 10-Reflections & Symmetry

5th Grade/FOCUS: Unit 10-Using Data; Algebra Concepts and Skills

Health: HIV/AIDS & Illness Prevention

We will study the real facts about drugs, their effects on our bodies and our families, and how to just say no!

  • Brain disorders
  • Hygiene routines for illness prevention
  • Relationship between disease and health choices
  • Diseases associated with blood
  • Immunization
  • Effects of HIV on the immune system
  • Setting goals
  • Refusal skills
  • Care of chronically ill
  • Respiratory disease
  • Empathy

Creative Geniuses

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