Elementary Principal's Corner

Tiger Newsletter Edition

Elementary Tigers are PAWSitively Awesome!

This fall students and staff at Rothsay Elementary were invited to an assembly to kick off our PAWSitive Behavior System. Invitations to attend were sent in a "Top Secret" envelope. Their "Mission", if they chose to accept, was to focus on being Kind, Safe and Ready in all areas of our school.

As principal, or should I say, Detective Traurig, I introduced our new PAWSitive Behavior system, which focuses on rewarding our elementary Tigers when staff members catch them demonstrating PAWsome behavior. Classroom teachers spent the next few days explicitly teaching the specific PAWSitive Behavior Expectations.

Our PAWSitive Expectation Matrix is posted throughout our school. This matrix outlines the expectations of being Kind, Safe and Ready in the following areas: Learning Environments, Hallways, Lunchroom, Playground, School-wide Assembly and the Bus.

Students can be rewarded two different ways. They can individually earn blue Tiger Tickets when a staff member sees them making great behavior choices. Those tickets have two parts to them; one part on which they write their name and place it in the classroom Tiger Bucket and the other is for them to bring home to share with parents. Every Friday classrooms bring their Tiger Buckets to empty all tickets into our Tiger Tube. Once our Tiger Tube is filled to the top we will have a school wide celebration. This is a perfect way for our students to learn that by individually making PAWSitive choices, we help the whole school.

The second way our Tiger students can be rewarded is as a whole class. Classrooms that are caught demonstrating PAWSitive behavior can earn Golden Tickets. Once a class has received 20 Golden Tickets they are able to spin a wheel with PAWSitive rewards.

We're looking forward to a PAWSome year with our Rothsay Tigers! I just know that there will be numerous Golden Tickets, Tiger Tickets and School-wide celebrations to reward their PAWSitive Behavior!

Mrs. Traurig

PreK-6 Elementary Principal

Tigers are PAWSitively Awesome!

Students brought their individual Tiger Tickets earned by their classmates to fill our Tiger Tube. Once the Tiger Tube is filled we will have a school-wide celebration!
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